A simple mixed signal front-end

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simpleFE is a low cost, fully open-source, mixed-signal front-end. Designed primarily to carry out analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog conversion, simpleFE includes plenty of IO and allows you to create your own signal processing system more quickly, more easily, and more cost-effectively.

Features & Specifications

  • ADC: 8-bit, two channels, up to 7.5 Msps (I and Q)
  • DAC: 10-bit, two channels up to 7.5 Msps (I or Q) or 5 Msps (I and Q)
  • USB: High speed interface (USB 2.0)
  • GPIO: 16 pins
  • DAC Output: 10-bit, four pins
  • SPI: One interface
  • I²C: One interface
  • Antenna Connectors:
    • Two U.fl analog output (50 Ohm output impedance)
    • Two U.fl analog input (high impedance)


  • USB: EZ-USB FX2LP (CY7c68013A)
  • Front-end: MAX5863
  • Software: GNURadio, gr-simplefe, libsimplefe C library

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