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Sep 06, 2016

New Feature Added

This deal’s getting better all the time ! The terms have been altered –

Previously there was a “Level 1” stretch goal that included automatic key management features. I feel this would make the tool so much easier to use, that I’ve decided to implement it as a basic feature, along with the others listed on the project page.

There are less than 10 days left in the campaign - now would be a great time to give a final push for open-source ECU reflashing !!

Cheers, Chris / fenugrec

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Sep 15 2016

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The warm feeling of contributing to a cool open-source project. Thanks a lot for making this happen!



A contribution worthy of public recognition! Your name or alias will be added to a "SPONSORS" text file in the source code repository.


ROM Fortune

In addition to the privileges of the Benefactor level, this comes with an analysis of any eligible ROM dump. A massive head-start on analyzing a new ROM! See more information and details on the ROM Fortune level within the campaign page.

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