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Sep 27, 2023

Project update 8 of 8

Production Status and Delivery Schedule

by Tomi P

Hello everyone,

Sorry, we know that long time passed since the campaign ended. There have been several things that went unexpectedly and delayed our progress.

But now we have solved all the issues related to getting components and starting production, and we are currently producing Loko.

We had to change the battery because the one that we used (Varta CP1654) went out of stock, and the ones sold on eBay and other marketplaces are old and have capacity lower than that specification. We looked for alternative batteries, unfortunately, there were not too many options in this size. So, we produced different battery with slightly bigger capacity and larger diameter. But thankfully, the size of Loko itself will not change. ;)

We are planning to finish production this week and next week we will test all the Lokos and in the beginning of October will ship all the orders to Crowd Supply’s warehouse.

Again, we’re so sorry that we were silent for such a long time, and thank you for trusting us. We have solved the issues on production, so after that Loko will be in stock with fast shipping.


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