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Loko is an open source, battery operated GPS tracker. It’s a tiny, simple, useful device that sends navigation data to its receiver via peer-to-peer LoRa radio. Unlike other similar technologies, there is no ongoing cost. Loko is radio communication based and doesn’t require a sim-card/ monthly fee. It also works anywhere, even if there is no 2G/ 3G/LTE coverage.

Loko is designed with Ultra Low Power consumption in mind which can work 30+ days on a single charge with the tiny, built in coin cell battery. The transmitter is also is only 12 grams and adds little weight to weight crucial products like mini drones. Loko is designed for harsh conditions and crashes, is water resistant, rustproof and durable. Loko can also transmit navigation data to existing LoRaWAN networks.

The Loko bundle has 2 units: The Ground unit (receiver), and the Air unit (transmitter). The Air unit transmits navigation data to the Ground unit at a pre-configured time interval, and the Ground unit transmits the received data to a smartphone app via bluetooth (iPhone only with this version). The app automatically shows the location of any Loko Air modules on a 2D map.

Loko Demo

Excellent for Drones and More

Loko is an excellent investment for drone owners to protect against the common occurrence of crashes and loss. Drone manufacturers could also pre-install Loko in their products which would give confidence to their users.

But Loko is useful for more then just drone tracking. You can keep track of any important, expensive devices/belongings, which is important in a variety of personal and professional settings. Any time you need to know a location real time, Loko can be used.

Loko Configuration App

Loko uses a simple PC app to configure parameters. Those parameters are:

Features & Specifications

Loko Air Unit (transmitter):

Loko Ground Unit (receiver):

*Batteries not included. Loko takes INC18650 batteries.

Open Source

You can view our open source information on Github.

Manufacturing Partners

Seeed supplies one of the main components of Loko, the Lora-E5 module.

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In the Press

Geeky Gadgets

"Capable of providing up to 30 days of use on a single charge, the tiny tracker works anywhere even without 2G, 3G, or LTE. coverage"

Hackster News

"Long-range low-power GNSS tracker lightweight enough to strap to drones — and tough enough to take a crash, its creators claim."



"As a result of its widespread use, the cost of [GPS] components is... low enough that almost anyone can build their own GPS device, and [Akio Sato] has taken this to the extreme with efforts to build a GPS tracker that uses the tiniest amount of power."

About the Team


Estonia  ·

noliLab is a consumer tech company established in Estonia in 2022. noliLab is focusing on IOT products. Starting with loko , noliLab builds the tiniest GPS tracker with Lora Radio.

Tomi Piriyev


Niyazi Piriyev


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