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Feb 14, 2024

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NRFICE, Welcome True Wireless Valve, Connect for Good Winners, Teardown 2024, Giveaway

NRFICE has launched, True Wireless Valve joins the Nordic Community Hub, and Connect for Good contest winners. Plus, join us at Teardown 2024 where we will be giving away some new dev boards.

NRFICE has Launched

NRFICE campaign has launched! This dongle-free Bluetooth FPGA board in an Arduino Uno form factor utilizes the dual-core Bluetooth nRF5340 SoC to simplify development of edge computing and IoT products.

Welcome True Wireless Valve

Help us welcome True Wireless Valve to the Nordic Community Hub! This battery-powered, Home Assistant-compatible valve for smart water control offers a completely wireless experience while operating on battery power and reducing installation complexity, cost, and safety concerns. True Wireless Valve leverages Nordic’s nRF52840 SoC exceptional power efficiency - especially in deep sleep mode - to create this battery-powered solution.

Connect for Good Challenge Winners

Winners announced for the Connect for Good: Low Power Sustainability Challenge, launched by Nordic Semiconductor in partnership with Mouser Electronics, Soracom, and Crowd Supply.

Congratulations to Ivan Araquistain and team with their project, Monitoring and Anomaly detection on sustainable logistics infrastructure, designed to respond to the need for green transport of perishable goods without the use of refrigerated cargo trailers, while guaranteeing cold chain preservation. The two other top projects were a Honey Bee Swarm Detector and a Bioreactor - read more in the official announcement of contest winners.

Giveaways at Teardown 2024

We are again a proud sponsor of Crowd Supply’s annual Teardown conference, an in-person event dedicated to the practice of hardware. Join us June 21-23, 2024 in Portland, Oregon, USA for Teardown 2024, where we will be giving away Nordic dev kits, including a Thingy:53 + nRF7002 Expansion Board combo and the nRF7002 Evaluation Kit.

Thingy:53, nRF7002 EB, nRF7002 EK

Find out more about the projects mentioned in this update.

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