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True Wireless Valve

A battery-powered, Home Assistant compatible valve for smart water control in your home

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True Wireless Valve (TWV) from Uhome offers a completely wireless experience while operating on battery power and reducing installation complexity, cost, and safety concerns. Additionally, TWV enables smart monitoring of a manually operated valve. Its seamless integration with Home Assistant and compatibility with the Zigbee2MQTT standard overcomes limitations often found in other water management devices, offering you more flexibility and control.

Simple, Convenient, Safe, and Broadly Compatible

Elegant Installation: One of TWV’s features is its user-friendly installation process. The version equipped with a clamp is especially convenient, as it can be attached directly to your existing plumbing setup without the need for a plumber or the hassle of removing the current valve. This design not only simplifies the installation process but also retains the manual functionality of your valve. For a blend of manual and smart control, you can operate TWV using its lever, just like a traditional valve, but with the added benefit of feedback to Home Assistant.

True Wireless Convenience: TWV demonstrates the power of wireless technology. Being battery-powered, it eliminates the need for additional wiring, offering a true wireless solution that integrates effortlessly into your home environment. This design makes installation easier and eliminates risks associated with high-voltage connections.

Smart Home Integration: Specifically designed with Home Assistant (ZHA) users in mind, TWV also supports Zigbee2MQTT integration. It excels in providing real-time feedback and displaying the current status of the valve, whether you operate it manually or through the web interface.

Ball-Valve & Clamp Versions Available

The installation process for the clamp version is simple, requiring no specialized tools or technical expertise, so you can complete setup quickly, efficiently, and with minimal effort.

Battery Powered

True Wireless Valve runs on four AAA batteries for up to two years or can be continuously powered by a USB Type-C power supply. Either way, you will not need expensive, complicated home wiring to operate TWV.

Smart-Home Integration

TWV is designed to provide easy integration for Home Assistant (ZHA) and Zigbee2MQTT users.

When paired with leak detectors, TWV is designed for homeowners seeking advanced water management solutions. Primarily designed for residential use, TWV excels in enhancing home water safety by responding automatically to potential water leaks ¹. This functionality is crucial for preventing water damage, especially in homes where regular monitoring might not always be possible.

¹ Requires a hub and leak detectors

Features & Specifications

All components are on one side for easy assembly with a hot plate.

Powered by Nordic Semiconductor

Nordic’s nRF52840 SoC plays a central role in True Wireless Valve’s operation by performing key functions, such as Zigbee network management, DC motor control via an H-bridge driver, audio notifications through a buzzer, LED control, button/limit switch handling, and voltage measurement. Additionally, the nRF52840’s exceptional power efficiency—especially in deep sleep mode—aligns with our goal of creating a battery-powered solution.

Open Source

Our design files are available on our GitHub repo.

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Hackster News

"Nordic nRF52840-based gadget plays nicely with both Home Assistant and Zigbee2MQTT, and can track manual valve control too."

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Kyiv, Ukraine  ·   Uhome_systems  ·   Uhome-Systems  ·   uhome.systems

Makers of an advanced wireless-valve system that seamlessly integrates with smart-home ecosystems to enhance home safety by preventing water damage

Oleksiy Bolshov

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