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Aug 29, 2017

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KeePass Integration

Signet’s internal database format was designed around the specific contraints of the device’s flash memory and the choice of encryption method. In order to ensure that the data you create with Signet can be used in whatever way you choose, Signet will support converting its database into a variety of other formats.

The most popular request has been for synchonization with KeePass databases, so I will make sure that functionality is available before the devices ship. Since KeePass is an open source program that contains a support library for accessing its database, this feature should be relatively easy to develop and maintain. I will also add support for exporting all of Signet’s data to a handful of unencrypted formats, such as plaintext, CSV, XML, and JSON.

I will start work soon on a proof of concept demo for KeePass integration that I will share in a future update. If you have any questions or suggestions about future demos, please get in touch.

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