Physical security for your personal data

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Signet is a compact open source USB dongle that safely stores your passwords, bookmarks, contacts, and other personal data in an encrypted memory. You access your data through a cross-platform application (Windows, Linux, MacOS, and Android) which unlocks your data after your master password is entered. Once unlocked Signet acts as both a password manager and general personal information database. It also behaves as a USB keyboard and types selected fields when the device’s button is pressed, allowing you to easily enter any data into web forms. When an account is selected Signet can type both the username and password, instantly logging you into the site.

Signet makes it easy to access your data from multiple locations, making it a practical alternative to keeping sensitive data on the cloud. With a length of only 45 mm, Signet is smaller than an average house key so it can fit comfortably on your keyring. On Desktop operating systems the Signet application software runs as a standalone executable that requires no driver installation, allowing you to quickly access your data at new locations. If you’re away from your computer you can access still access your data on your Android device though a widely available USB host cable.


  • Signet stores up to 192 KB of personal data. This amounts to hundreds of passwords, contacts, account numbers, etc
  • Signet acts as a USB keyboard to type out individual fields or login to an account instantly by typing both username and password
  • Signet physically secures your data from malware attacks. No sensitive data can be transmitted, modified, or destroyed without pressing the device’s button when it flashes
  • On desktop operating systems (Windows, Linux, MacOS) Signet’s application software is available as a standalone executable which requires no driver installation
  • Signet can be used with Android devices through a USB host adapter cable
  • If you lose your Signet, your data is still recoverable. Signet automatically backs up its contents (in encrypted form) regularly when you connect it to your primary computer. You can then access your data directly through these backups using your master password and upload a backup to a replacement device
  • Signet’s firmware and client software will be released as free and open source software under the GPLv3 license. As a casual user you can have greater confidence in the device’s security knowing its source code can be publicly scrutinized. If you’re interested in digging into the source, you’re free to customize the device to your needs or invent entirely new features or applications.
  • Signet’s is an open hardware project developed in KiCAD. Final schematics and board layout files will be released to the public
  • Signet’s enclosure can be opened by removing a single screw, enabling you to upgrade or repair you device if necessary

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