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Oct 02, 2017

Project update 9 of 26

New Features - Automatic Backups and CSV Export

I’ve been working on new features for the device at a steady pace throughout the campaign. With the end of the campaign coming up, I thought I’d share the latest features.

Automatic Backups

In earlier versions of the Signet client, it was possible to make encrypted backups, but you had to initiate them manually, and pick a directory and file to store them in every time. Now the client can request to make regular backups in your preferred locations at whatever frequency you want. The automatically created backups are given a name that includes the current date to make them easy to manage.

You can also configure the client to make backups on removable media in addition to, or instead of, local filesystem backups. This way you will still have a backup if somehow you lose your Signet and your computer through theft or accident. To keep your removable backup current, the Signet client will make a record of the last time it successfully wrote to the removable media. When that date is older than a configurable period the client will request to make a new backup to the removable media.

Export to CSV

There may be times when you want to process your data in an unencrypted human readable form. This could enable you to import the data into another program, perform your own custom processing on it, or act as another kind of backup.

Signet’s security model requires that only a single database entry can be decrypted by a button press. To maintain this model but still support exporting to CSV, unencrypted export operations are confirmed differently. The light blinks twice as slow and the button must be pressed and held for two seconds before the device will decrypt all the entries, allowing the CSV to be generated.

Video Demonstration

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