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Oct 06, 2017

Pre-production Boards and Last Call for Campaign Pricing

The campaign is entering its final hours. I wanted to offer generous pricing during the campaign for my early supporters. After the campaign, it will be possible to pre-order Signets but the prices will be higher. The cost of a single Signet will increase to $45 and the cost of a Deluxe pack will increase to $95.

Pre-production Boards

A batch of a dozen pre-production boards came in today. They feature a new boot mode DIP switch and a black soldermask color to match the enclosure. So far they are passing all tests, so things are looking good for the full production run.

Latest Signet pre-production board (top)

Latest Signet pre-production board (bottom)

Thank You

Many thanks to those who have already supported the campaign. I’m going to be working very hard in the coming weeks to ensure that the devices and all promised software features are delivered on time. I originally developed Signet just for myself and it’s exciting to see it finally becoming a product. I plan on improving Signet continously after the devices ship according to the information I gained from the stretch goal poll and questions and requests from individual users.

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Oct 06

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Product Choices



A physically secure hardware password and personal information manager you can take with you wherever you go.

Signet device, single.


Deluxe Pack

Two Signets, a USB extension cable, and a choice of a micro-USB or USB-C host adapter cable. You can give one Signet to a friend or keep one as a backup device.

Signet devices, two pack.


USB Extension Cable

Helps keep your Signet close to your keyboard when the closest USB port is too far away. Can also reduce strain on the device's connector to increase its lifespan. 3'

USB Extension Cable


Micro-USB Host Adapter Cable

Connects your Signet to a micro-USB Android device. 6"


USB-C Host Adapter Cable

Connects your Signet to a USB-C Android device. 9"

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