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May 02, 2019

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Signet Browser Plugin Release Developments

Two developments have occurred since the 0.9.13 release announced previously that some users might want to pay attention to.

Chrome browser plugin added to Web Store

The most recent Signet client release number 0.9.13 added browser plugin support. At the time of the release a plugin had been submitted to Google but it was unclear how long it would take to be approved to be added to the Chrome web store. Recently Google approved the Signet plugin and it is now available for installation from the Chrome Web Store. The advantage of installing the plugin from the Web Store is that you will get automatic updates. If you installed the plugin manually previously you should uninstall it first. The plugin will continue to be available as a file on for manual installation.

Bug fix release

We produced a new bug fix release numbered that fixes some issues not caught in It addresses a crash bug that occurs when the "minimize to tray" setting is used and also manages Window visibility on MacOS better.

Signet mailing list subscriptions

In some of the early Signet shipments we sent out cards showing the layout of the Signet client UI and also informing users about the Signet mailing list. We decided later that these cards weren’t essential but since we stopped sending them there have not been many new mailing list signups. The mailing list is used mainly to announce releases of the software or planned features for upcoming releases. Typically there are no more than 1-2 messages a month. Its purpose is mainly to help users decide when they want to upgrade their client or firmware.

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