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Oct 19, 2017

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Signet Logo Survey

I had indended from the start to add some kind of product logo onto the device, but wasn’t sure exactly what it should look like and wasn’t sure how to add one to any of my prototypes. After the parts are injection molded, however, ICOMold will be able to add graphics to the enclosures for a fairly small cost. This will give the devices a less generic look for those who want it. I have been experimenting on and off over the past week or so with possible designs and have settled on a logo.

Signet logo
Signet logo printing simulation

Logo Submissions

The design of the logo is relatively simple and I’m fairly happy with it. If you have another idea, you can send an image to me in an email at I am mostly interested in submissions along the same lines of the current logo: including the product name with some kind of stylized "S" contained in a circle.

Logo Poll

I expect that not everyone will want a logo on their device. Please take this poll to indicate your preference. If you opt for no logo your device enclosure will be blank, as is shown in the current campaign marketing. The survey will be open until 5PM PDT on October 26, 2017. If you placed an order, but don’t take the survey, your Signet will come with the logo.

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