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Sep 14, 2017

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Stretch Goal Poll Results

The results of our poll are in! An aggregate ranking has been produced based on a weighted average of the responses. There was strong interest in all of the proposed features, but the strongest interest was for command line tools and browser plugins, so those will be our stretch goals for the campaign.

Poll Ranking

1) Command Line Tools

This feature adds support for pass password databases and a series of command line tools for managing your device and querying and updating its database.

2) Firefox Plugin

This feature adds a plugin to Firefox that communicates with a Signet daemon in order to send commands to the device. When you press Signet’s button while a text field is selected, the plugin will attempt to fill in the entry based on the text field name and current URL.

3) Chrome Plugin

Same as above, but for Chrome.

4) Digital Signature Checking

This feature checks that firmware updates match a digital signature stored on the device. Ensuring that the firmware is not changed to an unauthorized version or by an unauthorized party protects the database stored on the device from duplication and potential cracking.

5) Signet-to-Signet Backups

This feature enables the direct transfer of the database on one Signet to another. This lets you maintain a backup device without storing any intermediary database files.

Stretch Goal Levels

Regardless of the final support level, I plan on developing all of the features in the poll and I will use the poll results to prioritize the work. With a higher pledge level however, I can afford to take time off my day job to ensure prompt delivery of features. The stretch goal levels have been adjusted from the levels suggested by the poll taking into account the relative simplicity of the command line tools feature and the overlap in functionality between the command line tools and the browser plugins.

If the campaign reaches a $6k (USD) goal, then I can develop initial command line tools and pass integration by the time the devices ship.

If a $10k goal is reached, a Firefox plugin will be made available within three weeks of the devices being shipped. Support for a Chrome plugin will shortly follow the release of the Firefox plugin.

Digital signaure checking and Signet-to-Signet backups had pretty much equal support so I will develop them at roughly the same time. I’m not certain how much time these features will require but a pledge level significantly higher than $10k will ensure that they are developed sooner.

Many thanks to the over 60 people who took the survey!

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