CircuitBrains Deluxe

A tiny, CircuitPython-compatible ARM Cortex-M4 module

Apr 02, 2020

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Ready To Launch!

by Kevin N

After many months of design trials, prototyping, and part substitutions, CircuitBrains Deluxe is ready to launch. This has been an exciting project for me. I always enjoy releasing things that help out the maker & hacker communities. You guys & gals are awesome. I love seeing the results of your inventive thought processes. This board is one of those projects that I feel will help a lot of people out in advancing their projects. If you’ve ever wanted to design your own microcontroller-based project, but felt that the schematic or layout was too difficult, or you just didn’t have the time to dedicate to learning it, this project is for you.

I hope to see the results of what you create with CircuitBrains Deluxe.

Thank you, Kevin

Twitter: @kevinneubauer

Twitter: @NullByteLabs

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