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CircuitBrains Deluxe

A tiny, CircuitPython-compatible ARM Cortex-M4 module

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Easily Add a Powerful Microcontroller To Your Next Project

CircuitBrains Deluxe is the smallest soldererable ATSAMD51 module. Skip on all the tedious work of adding a 32-bit microcontroller to your next project. We’ve taken care of the tough work of pin mappings, power & decoupling layout, clock, flash, assembly, bootloader, and firmware. All you need to do is drop a footprint into your next PCB design project, connect your peripherals and USB connector, then solder it on and write your code.

Just Solder It On

Save time and frustration on your next project. We’ve taken care of the finicky fine-pitch surface mount assembly for you. CircuitBrains comes in an easy-to-solder castellated module format. You can either incorporate it into your project PCB design, or solder wires directly to it via the extra holes in each castellated pad. We’ve also made it easier to hand solder these modules by including a larger "hand solder" PCB footprint for your design.

Add Some Power to Your Project

The core of CircuitBrains Deluxe is the Microchip ATSAMD51J19 32-bit ARM Cortex M4 microcontroller, which can run up to 120 MHz. In addition to a powerful microcontroller, each CircuitBrains Deluxe module has 8 MB of Quad SPI flash onboard. You’ll have plenty of space for your project code and media files.

Easy to Program

CircuitBrains comes preloaded with CircuitPython. Who doesn’t love Python on microcontrollers? Plug your device into USB, modify your code, and see the changes take effect as soon as you hit Save.

Small Form Factor

CircuitBrains Deluxe won’t take up a lot of space. It was designed to be used in small projects. At just over 1 square inch (29 mm), there aren’t many places this thing won’t fit into.

Features & Specs

Microcontroller: Microchip / Atmel ATSAMD51J19 32-bit ARM Cortex M4

Flash Storage: 8 MB Quad SPI Flash

Peripheral Connections:

Power Input:

Power Output:


Pinout Diagram


CircuitBrains Deluxe Feather M4 ExpressMetro M4Thing Plus
Manufacturer Null Byte Labs, LLC AdafruitAdafruitSparkfun
Board Design Castellated Solder On Module FeatherArduino Uno CompatibleFeather + Qwiic
Dimensions 1.15 x 1.15" (29 x 29 mm) 2.0 x 0.9" (51 x 23 mm)2.8 x 2.1" (72 x 54 mm)0.9 x 2.3" (23 x 59 mm)
Flash Storage 8 MB 2 MB 2 MB 4 MB
I/O 13 Analog, 19 Digital, I²C, SPI, UART 6 Analog, 10 Digital, I²C, I²S, UART 6 Analog, 14 Digital, I²C, SPI, UART 6 Analog, 10 Digital, I²C, SPI, UART
CircuitPython? Yes YesYesYes


Everything is open source! All documentation, schematics, and designs are currently stored in the CircuitBrains portfolio and GitHub repository. The main product page will transition to after the campaign is over.

Manufacturing Plan

Prototypes have been hand assembled and tested. Production manufacturing will be done by a domestic Contract Manufacturer (CM). Quotes and capabilities have been researched as part of standing up this campaign. When the campaign nears its initial funding goal, a single prototype will be ordered from the CM to quality check the results prior to ordering a large batch. After receiving a batch of boards from the CM, we will flash firmware and test each unit prior to shipping the batch to Crowd Supply for fulfillment.

Fulfillment & Logistics

All orders will be shipped to our customers using Crowd Supply’s fulfillment services. Once manufacturing, flashing, and testing are complete, we’ll make a bulk shipment to Crowd Supply and, from there, the packages will be shipped out to our individual backers.

Backers can confirm and update their order details and more in their Crowd Supply account.

Risks & Challenges

Hardware manufacturing at scale can be fraught with pitfalls and difficulties. Part shortages, shipping delays, labor shortages can cause a project to be delayed. However, we have taken what precautions we can with this project to minimize risk. Our product has gone through some extensive functionality testing and manufacturing will be done within the USA. The main risk associated with this project is component supply. With the current news on the Coronavirus, it’s possible that domestic parts distributors will run low on parts. There are lots of options for passive components. However, there are few options for a couple of the components in this product. The main thing we can do is keep all backers updated if supply delays occur for those few components.

CircuitBrains Deluxe is part of Microchip Get Launched

In the Press

Hackster News

"Running an interpreted language in an embedded scenario can take a little extra grunt, and that's where the CircuitBrains Deluxe module, designed by Kevin Neubauer, really shines."

"The new board was born out of his desire to modularize the core of CircuitPython boards and package it in a way similar to the ESP-12 modules so they could “just be soldered on”"

OSH Park Blog

"Kevin Neubauer designed this tiny module that makes it easy to add CircuitPython to a project"


"If you’re coding with CircuitPython, and are looking to build your project into a board, then this is something you should take a good look at."


""Con microcontrolador y memoria para almacenar programa y datos, el presente módulo de procesamiento completo permite al desarrollador agilizar el proceso de creación al ahorrarle tareas rutinarias.""

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CircuitBrains Deluxe

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