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60%+ in less than a week!

Firstly, I’d like to say thank you for your all your support so far! It’s awesome to see that we have reached over 60% of our goal after only being up for a week.

A number of people who are unable to purchase a board have asked how they can support the project so we put together the following list:

  • We now have a "Support Us!" pledge level on the crowdfunding page which allows you to donate money towards getting the board into production.
  • The crowdfunding campaign is extremely dependent on people knowing about it! Please share the crowdfunding campaign page on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and anywhere else that is appropriate.
  • Help out with development! We have a wide variety of things which need to be done from coding tasks, system administration, web design, helping with documentation and much more. Most tasks don't require you to have any hardware and many don't require any coding!
  • Join our mailing lists and IRC channel and continue to be excited about the project. Seeing all the people that are excited makes us excited to do even more cool things.

Timvideos & Numato Lab

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Oct 26 2015
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Numato Lab

We design and manufacture products that help engineers, students, and industry learn, design, and implement embedded systems and other electronic systems.

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