Numato Opsis

FPGA-based Open Video Platform

Oct 26, 2015

Project update 9 of 11

Second stretch goal reached \o/ \o/ -- "Milkymist Compatibility" TOFE board available

Hello backers!

Thank you everyone, at around 26 hours left in the campaign, we reached our second stretch goal! You can now add the "Milkymist Compatibility" TOFE board to your order at special introductory price of \$35 USD. Because the campaign is almost over, this price will be available after the campaign as a "pre-order", but only until 6pm Friday PDT (10/30). We have worked hard to provide the board at our target price to Crowd Supply backers but the feature set means it will be available at \$50 USD after 10/30, get yours now!

We are excited to enable interfacing with a wide range of controllers which support DMX or MIDI. The audio support on the TOFE board should also provide a lot of cool new possibilities that we haven’t previously thought about. The "Milkymist Compatibility" board has the following confirmed features;

The full schematic and PCB design will soon be published in the timvideos/HDMI2USB-TOFE-Milkymist repository.

Cheers, TimVideos & Numato Lab PS Less than 8 hours to order your Numato Opsis board, you better get to it!

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