#5 Hott Jolokia (Ghost Pepper) Hot Sauce

by NW Elixirs

Our #5 Hott Jolokia hot sauce is made from all-natural ingredients and enhanced with a dash of rum for a heat meets sweet tropical taste.


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Product Choices


#5 Hott Jolokia Bottle

Receive an 8oz bottle of our new Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce, the perfect balance of sweet and heat.


#5 Hott Jolokia 3-Pack

What's better than 1 bottle of hot sauce? Thats right, 3. One for the kitchen, the office and your backpack. Or you could give the other two as gifts, but who wants to risk being without hot sauce when you need it?


NW Elixirs Sampler Pack

For those who like a little variety, try all 5 NW Elixir Hot Sauces. You will receive: #1 Hott, #2 Verde #3 Hott Smoke, #4 Bangkok Hott and the brand new #5 Hott Jolokia. Choose the perfect sauce to take very meal the next level!


NW Elixirs

NW Elixirs doesn’t just make sauces. Our passion goes beyond food. We strive for pure creativity; we aim to inspire. This is our reason for existence.

Andrew Garrett

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