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#5 Hott Jolokia (Ghost Pepper) Hot Sauce

Our #5 Hott Jolokia hot sauce is made from all-natural ingredients and enhanced with a dash of rum for a heat meets sweet tropical taste.

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We just won FIRST PLACE in the World Hot Sauce Awards in the "Hot" category!

What is NW Elixirs?

NW Elixirs doesn’t just make sauces. Our passion goes beyond food. We strive for pure creativity; we aim to inspire. Food is the essential connection of all mankind. Food brings people of all walks of life together in radiant symbiosis. Exquisite food unites powerful nations, and tightly bonds families and friends together in deep rooted relationships. This is our reason for existence.

NW Elixirs crafts our sauces with only the highest quality, natural ingredients. Our unique blends of common and exotic foods enhance every day, home cooked meals into culinary adventures. Fluster your tongue and experience familiar foods on a whole new level.

NW Elixirs Hott Sauce uses no refined sugars, gluten, gums, or extracts.

We have gone through the process of removing these impurities in order to create a hot sauce that is not just for topical uses.

NWElixirs hot sauce is an ingredient you’ll use for every meal.

Without refined sugars, gums, or gluten you can apply heat to our sauces, where other sauces burn and get gummy when heat is applied, NW Elixirs actually becomes more robust in flavor.

Hott Jolokia Recipe

This sauce is all-natural and gluten free. No refined sugars, gums or extracts are added.

Meet the NW Elixirs Family

1. Hott Sauce 2. Verde Hott 3. Hott Smoke 4. Bangkok Hott 5. Hott Jolokia

History of NW Elixirs

Chef Andrew Garrett has over 16 years of professional cooking experience. As a kid Andrew grew up on a small farm in Sonoma California where he learned the value of fresh peppers and with his father’s love of cooking spicy and exotic cuisines, Andrew developed a strong sense of culinary adventure.

During Andrew’s 3 years of military service in southern Germany he traveled all throughout Europe experiencing all the fantastic cuisines of Spain, Italy, France, and Eastern Europe. It was in these experiences that pushed Andrew into following his passion.

Andrew brought his experiences back with him and through his career cooking in some of the best restaurants in Northern California. In his working experience he saw that there was a need for a more versatile and exciting hot sauce. Something that could be used for more than just table side service; a hot sauce you could cook everything with. In that single thought NW Elixirs was born. Over 2 years he worked to create a sauce that fit the profile of ideal for every single meal time.

In 2011 NW Elixirs became a company and sold its first batch of hot sauce to Williams-Sonoma in an immediate national sales base. Over the past three years three more sauces were produced including the award winning #2 Verde Hott and #3 Hott Smoke. Now NW Elixirs is introducing the #5 Hott Jolokia sauce and couldn’t be more excited to get the first batch into the hands of our loyal fans, old and new.

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About the Team

NW Elixirs

NW Elixirs doesn’t just make sauces. Our passion goes beyond food. We strive for pure creativity; we aim to inspire. This is our reason for existence.

Andrew Garrett

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