#5 Hott Jolokia (Ghost Pepper) Hot Sauce

Our #5 Hott Jolokia hot sauce is made from all-natural ingredients and enhanced with a dash of rum for a heat meets sweet tropical taste.

Aug 25, 2014

Project update 3 of 3

Production Update

Good afternoon and thank you all for the amazing support. Thanks to your support of our Crowd Supply project we are in a great position to begin our production of the next generation sauce in the NW Elixirs family.

#5 HOTT Jolokia, we have our peppers going to mash in South Carolina being produced by Puckerbutt Pepper Company. They will be producing 150 pounds of red ghost peppers ready to be aged and blended into the best new hot sauce to hit the market this year.

We will be printing our labels this week and our Nutritional analysis has been completed. We are approximately 25 days from production.

Thank you all for the help and support.


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