Octopart Pocket Electronics Reference PCB

Perfectly sized for your wallet, this small PCB has a beautifully silkscreened resistor color chart on one side, and comprehensive SMT reference on the other.

Dec 19, 2013

Project update 3 of 4

Production Woes

Hello backers! We have news for you.

Unfortunately we’ve run into screen printing problems and we’re not going to meet our estimated shipping window of December 2013. We’re very sorry about this.

From the beginning, our original manufacturing plan was:

  1. Manufacture panels of printed circuit boards
  2. Get the boards silkscreened by professional printers
  3. Ship the panels back to the board house for milling
  4. Ship those milled and printed cards to you

Step one went smoothly. You can see the beautiful manufactured panels below.

We took the panels to the screenprinter and from our test print we discovered that the ink rubbed off the boards immediately given any kind of friction at all.

Our conversation with them went back and forth many times but ultimately their process just wasn’t going to work.

Since then we’ve spoken with two other screen printing companies but neither has been able to take on the project. Our rolodex of screenprinters isn’t tapped out yet and we’ll have more updates soon, but unfortunately we’re not going to have a finished product until after the new year. We’ll also have a report on screenprinting PCBs. We’ve learned a lot about the process and we’re eager to share.

Again we apologize, and we’ll keep you updated on the screen printing progress. We’re still 100% committed to making this product a reality, and we appreciate your patience. However, if you’re interested in a refund, please let us know. Sam and Star

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