Octopart Pocket Electronics Reference PCB

Perfectly sized for your wallet, this small PCB has a beautifully silkscreened resistor color chart on one side, and comprehensive SMT reference on the other.

Sep 24, 2013

Project update 2 of 4

First samples!

The Octopart Pocket PCB campaign continues to do extraordinarily well, thanks to everyone who’s supported us, and for spreading the word so that we’ve pushed well past 150%! The campaign has only 17 days left, so remember to keep spreading the word before the campaign closes.

We’re pretty excited behind-the-scenes over here to have been able to place the order for test pieces, and received a sample panel back from our board fab today. They look great! Here’s a photo:

What’s incredible about this shot is that this entire panel is only 30 mils thick — exactly as thin as any card in your wallet but as large in area as more than 42 credit cards!

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Sam & Star & Octopart

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