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ODrive Micro

A tiny brushless servo motor controller, perfect for space-constrained robotics applications

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ODrive Micro is a high-performance, ultra-compact servo motor drive from ODrive Robotics, designed to make precise robot motion easier than ever before. Building on ODrive’s powerful software and mature hardware ecosystem, ODrive Micro enables the next generation of highly integrated robotic applications. Pair it with the brushless motor of your choice, configure it with the plug-and-play web UI, and build something great!

Any Motor, Any Application

We’ve designed ODrive Micro for seamless setup and flexible integration. With its onboard magnetic angle sensor, you can mount it on the back of your motor without needing a separate encoder. Connect it to a 10-30 V power source, plug in CAN via the convenient daisy-chained connector, and you’re ready to go!

Got a gearbox with an output encoder? Maybe you can’t use the onboard magnetic angle sensor? No problem! The ODrive Micro also supports hall, quadrature, and SPI encoders, allowing both motor commutation and dual-encoder load positioning from external encoders.

Why Micro?

ODrive Robotics was started with one goal in mind – to make precision, affordable, high-power motion control accessible to all who want it. We’re thrilled to see ODrive products powering robots in research and industry around the world, enabling the next generation of robotics applications.

Now, we’re taking ODrive’s decade of motion control experience and putting it in an ultra-miniature form factor, bringing up to 180 W of power in just 10 cm². Enjoy the same top-notch reliability and performance as the ODrive Pro and ODrive S1 without the bulk. The ODrive ecosystem supports CAN, offers robust libraries, and features an intuitive GUI that gets your next project up and running fast.

Why Brushless?

Brushless servomotors far outperform the low power density of stepper motors and have much greater service life and reliability than brushed motors. And with closed-loop encoder feedback, you can be more precise than both!

The ODrive ecosystem is designed to allow you to convert any brushless motor into a high-precision servomotor. And now, with ODrive Micro, you can fit precision and power into every nook and cranny of your robot. From gimbal motors to NEMA BLDCs, gear motors to drone motors, just pick the one that’s right for you and add an ODrive Micro!

Features & Specifications

Robust & Reliable

We designed the ODrive Micro from the ground up for maximum reliability and lifetime. It’s been put through thousands of hours of endurance testing, ensuring full performance no matter what task is given to it. With integrated protection measures ranging from overvoltage and overcurrent protection to encoder slip detection, the ODrive Micro will keep your motor, your robot, and itself safe.

Additionally, every ODrive Micro will be put through comprehensive end-of-line factory testing. With 100% test coverage, we’ll ensure high levels of performance right out of the box.

Open Source

We’ll publish the ODrive Micro’s schematics to enable everyone to learn from the Micro and better utilize its capabilities. Our suite of software tooling is open source, from our Python library to our CAN communication protocols to our Arduino examples. We will release all related files after campaign orders have been fulfilled.

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