An open-source, Arduino-compatible, ESP32-based audio development board

Aug 02, 2021

Project update 1 of 12

Red Means Recording!

by Andy Wilson

Dear subscribers,

PICO DSP is now live on Crowd Supply! After many months of development work, we’re excited to finally be able to get this project off our lab bench and out into the wild. If you’ve subscribed to our pre-launch page, many thanks for your interest so far, and don’t forget to check out the full campaign page, which has a lot more information and resources.

PICO DSP is an open-source project, and it needs your input! Do you need a hardware MIDI interface? Get in touch and let us know so we can get busy designing a MIDI shield! Or a TFT screen, or additional UI elements!

Finally, don’t forget to check back for the weekly updates, where we’ll be doing some deep dives into the hardware design, the audio codec, the microphone array, and the software examples in our project repository.

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