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Jan 06, 2017

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Campaign Extension

To make a long story short, we’re extending the Open-V campaign by 45 days and hope to release some exciting news very soon to justify this extension.

Here’s the long version. We’re about to hit our original campaign deadline and we’re only 8% of the way to meeting our original funding goal of $480K. It’s been great to see how many people support the open silicon cause and the technical merits of the Open-V, but the grassroots momentum behind the project isn’t yet enough to carry it over the finish line, even with a generous 45-day extension of the campaign.

So, what do we expect will be different by extending the campaign? Ever since we launched the campaign, we’ve received not only a lot of public support, but also a lot of private interest. We’ve been in talks with several organizations and people who could significantly boost the Open-V project. While we haven’t made any firm agreements yet, we hope and expect to announce some soon.

What does all this mean for you? First, you can be sure that the openness of Open-V won’t be at all affected by any agreement we make. Second, you might actually get a more fully featured Open-V chip than originally planned. Third, though we’re extending the campaign, it shouldn’t have an effect on the actual delivery dates - we’re continuing work as originally planned. Finally, and the whole justification for the campaign extension, we believe the organizations and people we’re talking with can significantly help reduce the cost of development and therefore increase the chances of the campaign succeeding.

We realize this isn’t how the campaign was supposed to go, but we’ve learned a lot, uncovered a lot of possible collaborations, and are working with Crowd Supply to make sure this extension goes smoothly. If you’ve already backed the campaign and would like to reconsider, simply contact Crowd Supply’s support team.

Elkim and the entire OnChip team

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