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Jun 04, 2020

Project update 13 of 18

Cross Compiling Made Easy!

by Lazar D

We wanted to let everybody know about an update we’ve made to the LVGL quickstart template: you can now cross-compile the lvgl program for the Omega2 Dash with a single command!

After getting some initial feedback on the LVGL template, we came to the conclusion that everyone would benefit from a quick and easy method to cross compile this code. The implementation is based on Docker and uses the OpenWRT SDK to perform the cross compilation.

All of the intermediate steps are wrapped in a shell script, so the end-user just needs to make sure Docker is installed, and then run the script:

sh compile.sh

The first time you do this might take 5-20 minutes depending on your internet connection since Docker will need to download some image files. Subsequent compilations will be very quick - less than a minute.

When the compilation is complete, there will be a bin directory holding a compiled binary file of the program, and an IPK file that can be installed with the OpenWRT package manager.

We’ve also added some instructions on extending the template code to really make it your own.

Learn more in the Omega2 Dash Guide.

Enjoy! We can’t wait to see what awesome stuff you make!

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