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Feb 25, 2020

Project update 9 of 18

Production Has Started

by Lazar D

We’re pleased to report that production of the Omega2 Dash has started! Omega2 Dash units and collections ordered during the campaign on Crowd Supply will be ready to ship on April 30th, 2020. (Pre-orders will begin shipping after all campaign orders have been filled). We’ll share photos and updates as production progresses.

Testing Program

To make sure the touchscreen on each completed Omega2 Dash can display images and detect touch input correctly, we’ve made a small testing program to be used as part of our testing and QA process. It’s based on our LVGL Quickstart Template and uses the Omega2 platform’s USB auto-run functionality to speed up testing.

As part of the QA process, workers will plug in a USB drive pre-loaded with the test program into the Omega2 Dash. The test program will run automatically (thanks to USB auto-run), and will show this on the display:

The worker will then touch all 5 of the "Press Me" buttons, with the expectation that the program will respond to each touch input and change the color and text of the buttons:

Any units that don’t display the test program correctly or don’t show 5 OKs after testing will be marked as failed, and will be closely inspected to see what went wrong.

The source code and binaries for the test program can be found on Github.

We thought you would enjoy this small insight into our manufacturing process. Until next time!

—Team Onion

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