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Mar 27, 2020

Project update 10 of 18

Production is Complete

by Lazar D

Omega2 Dash production is complete as of today!

What’s Next?

Now that production is complete, here’s what’s left to be done:

  1. The individual boards will be packaged
  2. Everything will be bulk shipped to Crowd Supply next week
  3. The Crowd Supply team will pick and pack the individual orders
  4. Shipping to individual backers is currently scheduled to start on May 4, 2020!

We’ve been working hard to make sure there’s minimal delays in getting the Omega2 Dash into your hands. But in these uncertain times, unforeseen issues can pop up and cause delays. In the event there are changes to the schedule, we’ll make sure to keep you informed.

We thank you for your patience.

A Look into the Manufacturing Process

Our manufacturing team has been documenting the Omega2 Dash production. Here’s how it looked:

Applying solder paste to the PCBs using a mask.

PCBs ready for the pick and place machine which will place all of the surface-mount components.

Coming out of the reflow oven - the solder has been melted and all of the components are now permanently attached.

Quality Control! Visual inspection using an automated optical inspection (AOI) machine to make sure all components have been properly placed.

TFT touchscreens waiting to be connected to boards that pass the visual inspection.

Screens being connected and immediately tested.

The testing program from last update. We brought the total up to 9 buttons to test more of the touchscreen.

Complete Omega2 Dash units ready to be packaged!

Another view. Every Expansion Header has a pin label - making it very easy to use the pins.

—Team Onion

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