Onion Omega2 LTE

A 4G LTE and Wi-Fi connected Linux dev board with GNSS global positioning

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Jun 27, 2019

Project update 6 of 12

Campaign Ending Today!

With your support, the Omega2 LTE has reached over 260% of our original funding goal! Thank you to every one who has backed and shared, the Omega2 LTE is becoming a reality thanks to your support.

Last Few Hours

The campaign ends today – 3:59pm PST on Thursday, June 27th! Don’t forget, orders placed now will ship in early August!

Now is a great time to share the campaign with any friends or colleagues who might be interested!

Campaign Stats

The Omega2 LTE itself comes from our observations of the general growing interest in Cellular IoT. We wanted to share some of the insights of this campaign with you:

And the top 5 countries for cellular IoT powered by Linux:

  1. US
  2. Germany
  3. Canada
  4. Hong Kong
  5. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Thanks once again everyone and talk to you again soon!

-Team Onion

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