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Feb 06, 2019

Project update 9 of 13

Shipping Underway & Getting Started Guide

Hi everyone,

Wow! What a wild last couple of days of the campaign! With your support, the campaign came to a close at 412% of our original goal! A huge thank you to everyone who backed the campaign and shared it with their friends. We absolutely cannot wait to see what you make with your very own Omega2 Pro! On that note, we have some good news to share:

Shipping Has Started

On Friday, February 1st, we started shipping orders placed during the crowdfunding portion of the campaign. All orders are being processed through our fulfillment partner in the USA. If you backed the campaign during the crowdfunding period, expect an email from Crowd Supply with your tracking number in the next couple of days!

Once shipped, packages typically take 7-10 days to arrive to destinations in the continental USA. We’ve seen it take three weeks in extreme cases. For international shipments, expect two to three weeks.

Getting Started Guide

We figured you would want to get up and running as soon as you get your Omega2 Pro, so we’ve published an Omega2 Pro Getting Started Guide! The guide covers:

Follow the guide when you receive your Omega2 Pro and you’ll have all the tools needed to build a great project in no time.

Pre-orders Available

If you missed the campaign, the Omega2 Pro is still available to pre-order right here on Crowd Supply! There are only about a dozen available for shipping in February. All other pre-orders will ship in late March as part of our second production run.

Thanks again for a great campaign!

-Team Onion

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