South Lyon, MI  ·   onpon4.github.io

We’re The Diligent Circle, a plural system with two active members: Layla (she/her) and Emmy (they/them). Some may know us as "onpon4", which was the username we exclusively used for several years (mainly prior to our transition). More recently, we have taken to primarily using "The Diligent Circle", although the old username still exists on some sites.

We are transgender, queer, non-monogamous, and neurodivergent. For what it’s worth, we’re very proud of what we are.

We are also a video game and card game developer/designer. Programming languages we currently know well are Python, C, and Lua. You can support our game development through our Liberapay and Patreon pages.

We have an affinity for the Japanese language. Our Japanese proficiency is not that great, especially considering how long we have been studying it on and off, but we can hold a very basic conversation okay.

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