PowMeter Shield Nano

A powerful, tiny power monitor shield for your Arduino Nano

Feb 27, 2019

Project update 3 of 4

Only one week left to the support PowMeter Campaign!

Thanks to the backers who already supported PowMeter. This is my first campaign and the opportunity to run the entire process from taking orders to delivering the shields is exciting.

There is still time to get a PowMeter, and it might be a unique opportunity. Here is a detail of the components included in the three different offers:

The PowMeter Shield

To monitor USB and VIN power sources, display values, alerts and raise hardware alerts.

The USB split cable

To power the shield and program the host Nano board. Can be used whenever you want to program an Arduino without powering it with the USB.

A Nano clone board

An extra 0.96” OLED I2C module

To help you exploit this hardware you will be provided with a GitHub repository containing

You can download the actual version of the user’s manual here.


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