Modular Household Storage

Modular wooden storage crates which combine Ikea-style simplicity and old-world quality. 100% handmade in Portland.

Nov 27, 2013

Project update 9 of 10

Prepping for Shipping!

Hello supporters!

I’m happy to announce that all the products you ordered have been fabricated, and are now in the final sanding/finishing stage. We’re going to try to send these orders out in the order in which we received them, except for those of you who ordered the aromatic red cedar. Those products may arrive a little sooner.

Here’s a look at the slightly updated lid design. For those of you who ordered two or more stackable crates, it’s that ridge on the top edge which fits into the bottom of the crate stacked on top of it.

We’re working as hard as we can to get these things finished and out the door. Major shipping will be taking place all of next week. Meanwhile, have a great Thanksgiving and thank you for your patience and support!


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