Modular Household Storage

Modular wooden storage crates which combine Ikea-style simplicity and old-world quality. 100% handmade in Portland.

Nov 11, 2013

Project update 8 of 10

Production Status

Hi All,

It’s been a couple of weeks since our last update, and boy have I been busy!

Thanks to your support, I’ve been able to make all the planned improvements to my manufacturing process, and it’s made a big difference in the finished product. Uniformity has been my biggest challenge so far, and I’m now feeling pretty good about the results I’m getting. I’ve been thinking about Legos lately as I work. If you were to take a lego from the 50s, (they were introduced in 1958) a lego from the 70s, one from the 90s, and one off the shelf today, they’d all interlock perfectly. That’s an impressive feat, considering all the changes in manufacturing methods during that time.

My shipping schedule has changed as I’ve been learning. My plan to be working in the shop making products, and finishing completed products turned out to not be feasible, so I’m now planning to build everything at once, then do the finishing all at once. So it looks like everything will be shipping this month. Those of you who ordered products without a finish will probably see yours first. We’re on track to get everything shipped in November, so there’ll still be plenty of time before the holiday season for those of you who are giving these products as gifts.

Thank you all again for your support, this has been a very rewarding and educational experience.


PDX Woodab

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