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Mar 27, 2020

Project update 5 of 16

Delivery Schedule Specifics

by Pieter C

If the initial delivery date has caused you to sit on the fence, here is the updated schedule…

We have asked Elecrow (the contract manufacturer in Shenzhen, China) to provide us with their current delivery schedule.

Using their feedback and a large margin to cater for unforeseen delays, here is the updated delivery schedule:

  1. Source PCBs and components: 4 weeks (6 April - 4 May)
  2. Assemble and test PCBs: 3 weeks (4 May - 25 May)
  3. Ship from China (via Hong Kong) to USA: 2 weeks (25 May - 8 June)
  4. Customs clearance: 1 week (8 June - 15 June)
  5. Handling & processing in Crowd Supply warehouse: 1 week (15 June - 22 June)
  6. Orders begin shipping: End of June

At this stage it looks like we can start to ship a whole month earlier than initially estimated, but we will see how the situation unfolds. We’ll leave the estimated ship date as July for now, and will update it if we feel like we’re on track for the schedule above!

We will continue to monitor the manufacturing progress during fulfillment and provide regular updates so that you can track progress.

There is less than a week left in our campaign, so you still have time to place your order and support our efforts in embedded ARM education! If you have already supported the PX-HER0 campaign, thanks! You can help us even more by sharing this project with someone you think would be interested.

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