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The world’s first completely crowd-sourced, crowd-based and crowd-selected startup pitch event, all Portland-themed. 20 startup founders pitch, 10 startups get funded, audience decides

May 24, 2014

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Pitchlandia - Coming Tuesday

Hey You

Pitchlandia is right around the corner

This is quite literally the biggest startup pitch event in the history of Oregon (as measured by screen size)

Tuesday May 27th at OMSI IMAX

Address: 1945 SE Water Ave, Portland, OR 97214

All tickets are will-call at OMSI, please have your Crowd Supply transaction number with you when you arrive.

5:00pm - Arrive to see/meet startup founders at tables in the lobby and see their wares…so to speak. Have a beer.

5:30pm - Doors open to the theater and please wander in and take your seats. It’s gonna be packed.

6:00pm - And now, let the wild rumpus begin. 12 pitches, then a break, then 8 pitches. 10 startups get funded. As voted by the crowd. This is about founder helping founder, and paying it forward.

Startups decide 100% how to spend their funds, it’s up to them. If you’re interested in the founder friendly terms please see documents at http://pitchlandia.com/faq/

P.S. 100% of any possible returns go back into other future Portland based startups in future iterations of Pitchlandia, evergreen style.

Presenter questions will be asked during event using hashtag #pitchlandia - so bring your fully charged cell phone and be ready to join the conversation….broadcast live on stage during each presentation. Uncensored. Yeah, that.

All Pitchlandia organizers are 100% here on a volunteer basis helping make Portland a better place for startups. Again, all volunteers….so be nice.

Pitchlandia is like its own startup. This is the first one. This is the first of its kind…IN THE WORLD. Expect things to break. Expect some stuff to be funky. It will be.

See you Tuesday night at OMSI

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