Pixblasters Video LED Controller

by Pixblasters

Combine LED strips to create a huge display that acts as a regular video monitor.


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Nov 27 2019
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Product Choices


Pixblasters Go

Start building your dream LED display with your own Pixblasters MS1 LED controller.


Pixblasters Duo

Dream bigger and explore video expansion capabilities of two Pixblasters MS1 LED controllers.


Pixblasters Array-S

These Array-S boards enable releasable connections with the Pixblasters MS1 LED controller and easy building of the LED matrix. It distributes the video control signals and the power sourced from an external +5 VDC power supply. Each board includes holes for easy wall mounting. Two boards included for a total of 32 LED strips connections.



We are a dedicated two-man team of FPGA electronics experts with 20+ years’ experience, with the goal of enabling everyone to build and operate immense and responsive high-resolution video LED displays.

Goran Fiolic

Gordan Galic



Contract Manufacturer

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