Pixblasters Video LED Controller

Combine LED strips to create a huge display that acts as a regular video monitor.

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The Pixblasters MS1 is the ultimate FPGA-based controller for giant video displays built by addressable RGB LED strips. It connects to any computer as an ordinary monitor and drives up to 16,384 LEDs at 60 fps. Multiple MS1 controllers can be easily chained to drive immense video displays built of hundreds of thousands of perfectly synchronized LEDs. The MS1 displays any visual content with absolutely no programming required, and with no burden on the driving computer that is free to run digital signage players, media players, and other software at the full speed. The LED displays controlled by the Pixblasters MS1 can be remotely managed by the Digital Signage software anywhere in the world. The MS1 controller is designed for both, enthusiasts and professionals, and enables anyone with minimal technical skills to build giant video LED displays with no soldering required.


  • Any computer and any OS: Raspberry Pi, PC, media boxes, phones… – connects to any computer as an ordinary monitor.
  • No programming: Plug-in the monitor cable and the controller will smoothly drive LEDs (WS2812B, SK6812) at the maximum frame rate of 60 fps.
  • Display management: Use any Digital Signage Software and add layered screen divisions, text, animations, video, RSS…
  • Remote control: Control it remotely anywhere in the world through network interfaces of the driving computer.
  • Display size: A single MS1 can control 4.7/14.7 m2 (~ 17/48 ft2) display built of 60/30 LEDs/m. Chained controllers can control displays measuring tens and hundreds of m2.
  • Display speed: LEDs work at their maximum speed and perfectly synchronized, no matter the number of LEDs and chained MS1 controllers, or the display size.
  • Display content: Anything that shows on a computer monitors shows on the LEDs as well. No need for special software for anti-aliasing, fonts, image processing…
  • Display resolution: A controller drives the selected part of the monitor image built of 16,384 differently arranged LEDs (pixels). Chained controllers support higher resolutions.
  • Open-source FPGA demo*: Use the hardware platform for experimenting with and learning about RGB LED diodes.

*The open-source FPGA Demo Design supports a subset of the functions available within the Pixblasters MS1 controller.

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