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Feb 17, 2020

Project update 11 of 19

Production Boards Testing

by Gordan G

Hello Pixblasters supporters! Let us update you about the current status of our project. As it was described in our previous update, to minimize risks in the production of the larger Pixblasters boards quantity, we did a test run on the production line. The below photo shows the latest version of a fully produced Pixblasters MS1 Video LED Controller board. Besides the black color, probably the most visible change are quality RJ45 connectors for video and control data links. Those metal-shielded connectors are suitable for use with Shielded-Twisted-Cables (STP). This change will be especially beneficial for larger distributed LED installations powered by multiple power supply sources.

As soon as we received the test boards, we started a serious set of tests. For that purpose, we have developed a number of automated tests that help us check as many features as possible in the shortest timeframe. For example, we have small PCB tools that connect to LED output connectors and visually signalizes their status, series of test images and FPGA test designs used for automatic check-up of video links, etc.

As you can see from the next photo, we have also integrated the new boards in our famous demo LED display. Everything works fine!

The complete 100 pieces series production run is happening right now and will be finished in a couple of days. It is a bit behind our planned schedule and it looks that our shipment date will be delayed for about 5 weeks. This delay is caused by (luckily) smaller troubles in getting some components caused by the unfortunate Coronavirus outbreak, small shift in a production schedule and a longer testing than initially anticipated. We apologize for this and we hope this will not cause too much inconveniences.

Very soon we hope to see many beautiful LED installations driven by the Pixblasters controller!

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