An open source, Arduino-compatible CAT-M1 + NB-IoT dev kit certified for end use

Dec 20, 2021

Our Crowdfunding Campaign Is Now Live!

Introducing IoTa, a full-featured development platform for cellular IoT on CATM/NB-IoT bands. Attach your sensors to IoTa, add a LiPo battery, and you have a complete system that's ready for deployment. IoTa features a charging and monitoring subsystem for battery management, two user LEDs, several sleep modes, and system firmware that abstracts modem functions and provides a USB interface. IoTa is programmable out of the box using Arduino IDE, Visual Studio, and other development frameworks. As the beating heart of POEM Technology's IoT monitoring ecosystem, IoTa is ready to help you implement your IoT design with minimal effort. Read the full update.

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