An open source, Arduino-compatible CAT-M1 + NB-IoT dev kit certified for end use

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iota circuit board

IoTa is a fully open source reference design and prototyping platform for developers to rapidly test and move applications to market. It is an end use certified module useable worldwide on the NB-IoT and CAT-M bands. IoTa makes connectivity simple and enables embedded applications to access peripherals and sensors through an array of GPIO pins and serial interfaces.

The on-board microcontrollers implement user and system functions separately for ease of development. Battery management includes charging and fuel gauge functions, making IoTa ideal for low power applications. IoTa comes complete with antenna, usb cable and Hologram SIM card. Hologram also offers a free developer account to test your design and develop your portal. Other carriers’ SIM cards are supported as well.

Perfect for Drone Operation, Sensor Networks, Grid Monitoring and More

IoTa has a wide variety of lightweight, powerful, remote applications. Just a few examples include:

  • Cellular carrier scanner: with a suitable SIM card, the IoTa can scan available carriers and report signal strength.
  • Grid monitoring: coupled with the ADE9078 from Analog Devices, create a polyphase energy meter with cloud connectivity
  • Drone operation: the IoTa is light enough and powerful enough to allow drone sensing of air quality
  • Soil moisture monitor: remotely sense your garden's water requirements
  • Water plants remotely: in conjunction with the above, control your sprinkler system remotely
  • Remote power outlet: turn on an AC outlet from anywhere
  • Tank monitor: monitor liquid levels remotely

Making Life Easier for Developers

IoTa features a separate system processor and user processor. This frees the developer from having to design in a processor to run user code. Code development on the Arduino IDE simplifies the engineering design cycle and dramatically shortens the concept to completion time.

iota circuit board

Features & Specifications

  • Four Serial Interfaces
    • 2x UART
    • 1x CAN
    • 1x SPI (with a second optional configuration)
    • 1x I²C (with a second optional configuration)
  • 23x GPIO pins
  • 19x PWC/DAC channels
  • 8x ADC channels
  • 10x Wakeup Pins
  • For use worldwide on the NB-IoT and CAT-M bands
  • Features a low-cost data plan with a Hologram SIM card; certified on over 500 carriers in 170 countries

Pinout Diagram

iota pinout

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Open Source

Hardware and system software for modem control are all open source. User code examples on our website are also open source. Hardware is certified by the Open Source Hardware Association - Certificate US000082. Recertification of the IoTa as a new design is pending.

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