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An open source, Arduino-compatible CAT-M1 + NB-IoT dev kit certified for end use

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Feb 01 2022

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IoTa is a fully open source reference design and prototyping platform for developers to rapidly test and move applications to market. It is an end-use certified module for deployment worldwide on the NB-IoT and CAT-M bands. IoTa makes connectivity simple and allows embedded applications to access peripherals and sensors through an array of GPIO pins and serial interfaces.

The on-board microcontrollers implement user and system functions separately for ease of development. Battery management includes charging and fuel-gauge functions, making IoTa ideal for low-power applications. IoTa comes complete with an antenna, a usb cable, and a Hologram SIM card. Hologram also offers a free developer account so you can test your design and develop your portal. Other carriers’ SIM cards are supported as well.

Perfect for Drone Operation, Sensor Networks, Grid Monitoring, and More

IoTa has a wide variety of lightweight, powerful, remote applications. Examples include:

Making Life Easier for Developers

IoTa features a separate system processor and user processor. This frees the developer from having to design in a processor to run user code. Code development on the Arduino IDE simplifies the engineering design cycle and dramatically shortens the concept to completion time.

iota circuit board

Features & Specifications

Pinout Diagram

iota pinout
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IoTaParticle BoronPycom GPyPebble Tracker
Manufacturer POEM Technology Adafruit Adafruit IoTeX
Dual ProcessorYes No No No
LEDs2 (White, RGB) 1 (RGB) None 1 (RGB)
Battery MonitorYes No No No
3.3 V User OutputYes No Yes No
Antenna IncludedYes Yes Yes (as configured) Yes
u-blox R410 ModemYes Yes No No
User SIM CardYes (Worldwide coverage via Hologram) Yes (US only via Particle MVNO) Yes (as configured) No
FCC LabelYes No No Yes
OSHWA CertifiedYes (US002006) No No No
AvailabilityCrowdfunding No Yes Preorder
Price$139 $89.95 $165.90 with SIM plan and antenna $215

Support & Documentation

Hardware and system software for modem control are all open source. User code examples on our website are also open source. Hardware is certified by the Open Source Hardware Association (Certificate US000082). Recertification of the IoTa as a new design is pending.

Please feel free to reach out using the Ask a technical question* link below.

Manufacturing Plan

IoTa manufacturing has already begun, and boards are now coming off the line. At scale, we expect to produce on the order of 120 boards per week (three panels at 40 boards to a panel). Beyond that, most of the remaining work involves loading firmware and testing:



Shipping & Logistics

After testing and packaging the production batch of IoTa boards, we will send them on to Crowd Supply’s fulfillment partner, Mouser Electronics, who will distribute them to backers worldwide. You can learn more about Crowd Supply’s fulfillment service under Ordering, Paying, and Shipping in their guide.

Risks & Challenges

In terms of manufacturing, IoTa is a dense design, which inherently lowers yields and increases the number of boards likely to require rework. And cellular connectivity comes with a few risks of its own. For starters, IoTa ships with a Hologram SIM, so it’s dependent on that service provider for access. (Alternate SIMS are usable but may require additional certifications.) Radiated emissions will need to be tested if you attach an RF sensor such as a radar-ranging device. This is not an issue for individual experimentation, but could be a factor if you intend to resell an IoTa-based device focused on such applications. With regard to logistics, high-quantity orders could be subject to fulfillment delays—as could all orders if key components end up facing availability issues that introduce latency into our manufacturing process.

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"A new Arduino compatible development platform board will soon be available via the Crowd Supply website, offering an easy way to carry out Internet of Things prototyping"


"Episode 52 - This week’s maker news stories include the Raspberry Pi used for machine learning, a Minecraft goat, the UP Board Connect Plus with 5G, and more marvelous maker updates!"

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Produced by Poem Technology in Plainview, NY.

Sold and shipped by Crowd Supply.

iota circuit board

IoTa with Antenna & Hologram SIM

Perfect for the curious programmer looking to investigate IoT connectivity without the expense of data plans or monthly SIM charges. The included Hologram data plan provides a substantial data allotment.

$139 Free Worldwide Shipping

About the Team

Poem Technology

Plainview, NY  ·   poemtechnology.com

Poem Technology manufactures state-of-the-art IoT systems for engineers and designers of connected devices. POEM is an acronym for Point Of Entry Monitors. We offer cellular development kits, the DASH, and IoTa, for 2G/3G and CAT-M/NB-IoT connectivity.

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