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Mar 27, 2024

Project update 6 of 8

SIM7080G NB-IoT/Cat-M(eMTC)/GNSS Module Compatibility

by Aleksei K

Hello everyone,

Because some of you were interested in the GSM/Solar shield functionality we talked about in the previous update, we’ve taken some steps in that direction! We have chosen the SIM7080G module for NB-IoT/Cat-M(eMTC)/GNSS connectivity and ran some compatibility tests using the module with Esp32-C6-Bug. Everything is working well, you can check out the GPS and Debug examples. The Sim7080G board we used was a Waveshare SIM7080G Raspberry PI Pico shield. For more info on wiring, check out this Hackaday update.

Best regards,

Prokyber team

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