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RISC-V dev board with Zigbee, Thread, Wi-Fi 6, BLE, and battery support

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Introducing ESP32-C6-Bug, a compact yet powerful development board based on the latest Esp32-C6FH4 RISC-V MCU from the ESP32 family. It supports multiple wireless protocols, boasts low power consumption, includes battery support, and is ideal for a wide range of applications.

Supported wireless protocols encompass Wi-Fi 6, BLE 5, Thread, and Zigbee. With its introduction of WiFi-6, which brings new features and optimized energy consumption, the Esp32-C6-Bug empowers the creation of multi-protocol, low-power devices using the Esp32-C6FH4 chip. This compact board neatly fits on a breadboard and features castellated holes for easy integration into other products. Other noteworthy features include an integrated 32.768 kHz RTC oscillator and power consumption as low as 20uA in sleep mode. Esp32-C6-Bug can be programmed using both the Arduino framework and Esp-IDF, with links to examples readily available.

Tested Use-Cases

Esp32-C6-Bug excels in scenarios where low-power functionality or multi-protocol features are required. It’s well-suited for building multi-protocol devices, wearable electronics, protocol bridges, and smart home devices, among other applications.

Inspiring Potential Use-Cases

Features and Specifications

- Chip Features:
- Battery features:
- Mechanical features:
- Form-factor:


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