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Jan 11, 2024

Project update 10 of 11

Shipping Resumes

by Ashwin W

Thank you again to all backers for your patience while we fixed issues related to shipping. All of you should have your devices in hand in the next few days. You will receive an email from Crowd Supply with the tracking number once your device is shipped.

We feel we owe you an explanation along with an apology, so here goes. We made our last shipment to Crowd Supply (or rather to Mouser for fulfillment) in November 2023 containing the first batch of HealthyPi 5 devices. Although all of them arrived safely, one box containing roughly half the number of units was misplaced during the receiving process at Mouser’s warehouse. We have been working with Mouser and Crowd Supply to locate the missing shipment. We are happy to inform you the missing shipment has been located and is now being processed for shipping to backers, starting now. We sincerely apologize for the delay and the inconvenience caused to you, but we hope that the wait was worth it.

Documentation and GitHub

While this was going on, we have been working on making the documentation better and to improve code stability. For those of you who haven’t been following developments, the latest version of the documentation is available at and the main Zephyr code repository is at

Please note that the documentation site is still work in progress and sections will be added to the website as required. Meanwhile, we hope to receive your feedback about the documentation and we would be happy to add anything missing. Our GitHub repository now has all the software. A note about the firmware: The code currently posted is for the default firmware supporting Bluetooth communication, Display streaming and USB streaming. For any bugs/feature requests for the firmware, please consider opening a GitHub Issue. Your issues will be addressed by us at the earliest opportunity.

Now that the shipping has resumed, we will be posting more updates on the firmware (including the latest set of fixes and features) and the documentation in the coming days just in time when all of you receive your HealthyPi 5 devices.

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