HealthyPi 5

An extensible, open-source sensor platform for biosignal acquisition

Nov 08, 2023

Project update 9 of 11

Shipping Soon!

by Ashwin W

In our last post, we spoke about the issues with EMI/EMC, failures and successes. We also mentioned the resumption of production.

We are happy to inform that the first batch of HealthyPi 5 has been packed up and sent off to Crowd Supply for fulfillment. Crowd Supply should have them to you in the next few weeks, please ensure that your shipping addresses are all updated and current.


Since every user may utilize the HealthyPi for different purposes, the device ships only with basic firmware that streams the data. We leave it up to the user to download pre-compiled firmware from the HealthyPi website (to be launched before the devices are shipped from Crowd Supply). This will allow instant operation without any programming required. We will let you know once this site is up and running.

Speaking about firmware, we now support both Zephyr and Arduino as the development platforms. Our pre-compiled firmware images (available as UF2 files) are written using the Zephyr system as the base. We still support Arduino and you can still write software to acquire all data from Arduino, but performance is limited. The default firmware configures the ESP32 as a HCI Controller and the RP2040 as a HCI Host. The RP2040 is the main controller and the ESP32 is used for Bluetooth connectivity.This allows for seamless BLE connectivity and no need for custom for both controllers.

HealthyPi 5 architecture

This, of course is not the only way to use the HealthyPi 5. You can use the RP2040 as the main controller and the ESP32 as a Bluetooth controller in your own program by reprogramming the ESP32 through the ESP32 USB port. You can also use the ESP32 and the RP2040 as standalone devices. The possibilities are endless, but we will limit ourselves by providing firmware images for the most common use cases.

More information on the firmware and the firmware images will be available on the HealthyPi 5 website soon. Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.

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