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Jul 10, 2024

Project update 8 of 9

Firmware updates, Internal Design Changes for the Enclosure, and Last Call for Special Campaign Pricing

by Ashwin Whitchurch

We are in the final days of the campaign and we are excited to see the response from the community. We are truly grateful for your support and are working hard to bring you the best possible product. There were some ups and downs during this journey and we learned a lot from feedback as well as experimentation. We are excited to share some of the latest developments with you.

Firmware Updates

While most of our last few days have been geared towards hardware and enclosure related changes and improvements, we have not forgotten about the firmware. We have been working on the firmware for HealthyPi Move in the background and have decided that we will now be using our public Github repository for development code changes (currently we’re maintaining a private repository as well as a public one). This will allow us to share the latest firmware updates with you consistently and also collect all our firmware related updates in our GitHub releases section for easy access and lookup. Again, the public open-source firmware repo is here:( We will get this synced up with the active development tree by the end of this week and ensure that all future code changes are pushed only to this repository.

Internal Design Change for the Enclosure

While working on our enclosure design and testing the device for long-term wear capability, we realized that the current version’s internal structural design was not sufficient for maintaining the structural integrity of the device for extended wear periods and we were mostly dependent on the external enclosure for strength. Also, this being an open source project and inherently being hackable and modifiable, we wanted to make sure that the internal design was also robust and could be easily opened and modified by backers.

Essentially, we wanted to make sure that the entire unit slides into the enclosure as a single assembled unit without any "adjustments" required. One of our primary strict design rules was that we would only use fasteners to hold the different layers together and no glue would be used in the assembly. The following image shows what the current stack looks like.

We have introduced a new interior structure (which we’re calling the "chassis") which will hold together the battery, the main and sensor PCBs, and the display. This is a solid block of plastic (which we might replace with a metal body in the future if reuqired) that will hold the entire device together. The following image shows renders of the new stack. The important things to note here are:

We will publish more on this once we get the new PCB configurations and the new chassis design fabricated and tested.

Last Call for Special Campaign Pricing

Lastly, we wanted to remind you that this being the final days of the campaign, this is your last chance to place an order at the special campaign pricing. This is our way thanking our early backers for their support and trust in us.

Again, a huge thank you to all backers to date who have trusted and supported us. We look forward to delivering the best possible product to you.

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Key Components

nPM1300-QEAA-R · Battery Management PMIC
Central source of power for the project

nRF5340-CLAA-R7 · Bluetooth System-on-Chip
Sole microcontroller supporting BLE communications and sensor data processing

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