HealthyPi v3

An open-source, multi-parameter, full fledged human body vital sign monitoring HAT for Raspberry Pi as well as standalone use.

Oct 05, 2017

Project update 12 of 15

Introducing the HeartyPatch!

We hope you’re having a great experience with the HealthyPi v3. We are happy that all orders have been sent out and it is now in stock at Crowd Supply, shipping from the US.

Please continue to check for any software updates and fixes.

Introducing the HeartyPatch!

We have recently launched our second campaign on Crowd Supply for a device we call the HeartyPatch. HeartyPatch is a single lead ECG, heart rate and heart rate variability (HRV) monitoring device. Similar to the HealthyPi, this is also completely open-source and based on the very popular ESP32 chip.

This project is now live and funding at

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