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A wireless, wearable, open source vital signs monitor powered by ESP32

May 02, 2023

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HealthyPi 5 is Here

by Ashwin K Whitchurch

It’s been a while since we’ve stocked the HealthyPi 4. During the pandemic chaos, we faced major supply chain issues for critical components of our design. So we started working on an alternate design with mostly discrete components for things such as power management ICs and specific TI chips that were in short supply. We then decided to the change the entire design while we’re at it, and thus was born the much more powerful, versatile, and feature-loaded HealthyPi 5.

Now, the HealthyPi 5 is finally here! This is the fifth iteration of HealthyPi, and we are confident it is the best version yet. HealthyPi 5 has been in the works for several months. We have been working hard to make sure that HealthyPi 5 is a worthy successor. It includes a number of design improvements we are excited to share with you.

Compatibility with HealthyPi 4 apps

On either Arduino or Raspberry Pi, most of your existing code written for HealthyPi 4 should work or can be easily ported. Although the new HealthyPi 5 uses the more powerful RP2040 microcontroller along with an ESP32, the firmware is still written in Arduino and will remain compatible with HealthyPi v4. The HealthyPi 5 also still supports the Raspberry Pi HAT specification, although a Pi is not required for this to function.

We are thrilled to launch this campaign on Crowd Supply. Products sold during the campaign will be offered at a discounted price. If you are interested in getting your hands on one of these units, please visit our campaign page and back the project.

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