HealthyPi v4 - Unplugged

An open source, wireless, wearable device powered by ESP32 for human vital signs monitoring.

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HealthyPi v4 is an advanced and wearable version of the HealthyPi v3, launched on Crowd Supply in 2017. The hardware and the software is completely open-source.

The HealthyPi 4 is a fully open-source vital signs monitor based on HealthyPi v3, this time with added wireless and wearable capabilities. The use of the ESP32 module as the main controller offers a high level of integration, power management, and security to the HealthyPi. It can function as a standalone wearable device as well as a HAT for the Raspberry Pi.

HealthyPi 4 can monitor the following parameters in real-time and with high accuracy:

  • ECG and heart-rate, heart-rate variability
  • Respiration based on the impedance pneumograph
  • Pulse oximetry (SPO2)
  • Body temperature

HealthyPi 4 is affordable and accessible, and the open source aspect means that it’s easy to expand on.

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