HealthyPi v4 - Unplugged

A wireless, wearable, open source vital signs monitor powered by ESP32

Jan 17, 2020

Project update 7 of 13

Shipping News & Documentation

by Ashwin K Whitchurch

Many of you have been waiting to get your hands on your new HealthyPi v4 kits. The good news is that Crowd Supply has received and processed the shipment we sent them last week, and has sent all crowdfunding orders on to their fulfillment partner. It may take a couple weeks for those orders to clear this final logistical hurdle, but they should be on their way to backers by the end of January. We apologize for the delay.


While you wait, you might want to have a look at our new documentation platform. It includes everything you need to know to set up your HealthyPi v4. This site is constantly changing, so watch for regular updates!

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